Bing Ai : สาวน้อยเวทย์มนต์ สุดเซ็กซี่ [Prompt+Image]

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สาวน้อย ในชุดนักเรียนเวทย์มนต์ สุดอลังการ

ชมภาพสวยๆ ได้เลย


Perfect face, Masterpiece, A beautiful young Modern Thai-Russian woman in Japanese school thin lite costume, long hair her Body is light with blue aura, She is sitting with legs open wide and holding a large magic staff in the middle of her legs, showing Holographic image effect of glowing big rainbow Chinese dragon in the back, There is an intricate Chinese thrones with clouds, fog and gold smoke with various roses in The background, lighting gradients, Hyper realistic, – Hyper realistic, photographed ultra-detail, masterpiece, 64K, UHD, ultra quality, extremes detail, depth of field,intricate sharp detailsas

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